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Faith in Christ: The Journey Out of Loneliness.


"Faith in Christ: The Journey Out of Loneliness" is a book that explores the depths of one man's struggle to understand why the man-made successes of our world have little meaning. The search to find the meaning for all the emptiness and loneliness that most of us harbor within is explored. The question of if I truly believe in Jesus is revealed. This is the story of a one man's journey to find the essence of our Lord Jesus Christ, coming to terms of just how broken we are, and the understanding that the love of Jesus is the only avenue that will lead us to a better life. Infused within the storyline are poems that were inspired by the love and beauty of Jesus. The world around us contains a lot that can inspire us to look toward the one and only Savior and these poems help to enlighten our prospective. Stop losing your way walking in darkness; stop kidding yourself looking for man-made answers. Open your heart and let the light of Jesus lead you down the road of salvation. Join us on a journey of a lifetime.

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