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It's so hard to know where to start telling people about yourself. Pictured above are both my lovely wife Margie and myself.

Well, on to our story. I'm about as average as the next guy. I worked in the aerospace field for many years while raising a family. My wife and I were knee-deep in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Margie and I were doing our best to keep things going.

Sounds about average, doesn't it! Well, in the early 90's, Margie and I were able to move to the countryside of New Jersey with our daughter. This brought a welcome relief from the craziness of living in the city. Life began to take on a slower pace and we were able to finally breath. Still, it's tough to make ends meet, but we manage.

Once we settled into our new way of life, I began to sense an emptiness in my life. It took years to figure out what was missing, and that missing part was Jesus. I left Jesus many years ago. To be truthful, I never really gave Him a chance. I did not believe in Him because I couldn't see Him, so to me, He did not exist. Again, it took years to realize that although I couldn't see Jesus, that did not mean He wasn't real. Jesus has always been there for me, even though I didn't listen to Him, or worse yet, believe in Him. Yes, His love for me never faultered; He stood by me through thick and thin. When I realized how wrong I was, I cried, and even to this day I am ashamed at how I treated Him.

Once I gave my soul to Jesus, He began to work His magic in me. I changed for the better, just ask my beautiful wife of 26 years now, she'll tell you I'm a different person. I still have my weak points but I'm a better man now than before. I one day sat and asked Jesus how I could repay Him for all the help. Shortly after that I began writing poems and then began to put together my first book, "Faith in Christ: The Journey Out of Loneliness". I truly hope that our Lord Jesus can get this book into the hands of those who need to read it. I hope with all my heart that someone along the way can find some help from what I've written.

I am here to serve Jesus, for He is my Lord, my King and I am His servant. I will do what He asks of me and follow in His foot steps, going where He leads me. If you, my friend, need help and are lead to me through our Lord, then ask of me what you will and I shall do my best to help. Together we can make a difference; we the people make up the body of Christ. Let us come together and bring light into the world.

May God Bless,

Joseph R. Sgro

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