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Is religion confusing? Does it make you uncomfortable? The path to the Lord
shouldn’t be. Are feelings of
emptiness and longing gripping your soul? Are you searching for relief from the torrent of day-to-day pressure and stress? Have you
had thoughts or feelings of
seeking spiritual healing, but are afraid? Well, you’re not
alone. Many of us find ourselves in the same situation. The thoughts of journeying into the arena of religion can be frightening. The fear and disgust that we sometimes experience arise from visions of traditions and rituals impressed upon us. God should never take a backseat to the business end of churches. The biggest fear is getting caught-up in an empty cause. We fear the possibility of more let-downs, which leads
to more hurt.
The world around us offers little hope. And we are drawn to the promise of someone who offers just that—hope. That someone is our Lord Jesus. What we face is the constant bombardment from the world that says God is
not real. If we do venture to investigate, our natural thoughts are: what’s the catch? But there is no catch. God created a way for us to return to Him through Jesus. The only requirement is to believe. Believe with all your heart, soul, and mind that Jesus is the savior of mankind.

Do not allow man-made religions to confuse the issue of connecting to our Lord. It’s simple: open the door to your cold, dead heart and let the healing and the love of Jesus Christ enter in. Your journey with Christ is a never-ending experience where you’re never alone.


Faith in Christ: A Journey Out of Loneliness

"Faith in Christ: A Journey Out of loneliness", is a book that explores the
depths of one man's struggle to understand why the man-made successes
of our world have little meaning. The search to find the meaning for all the
emptiness and loneliness that most of us harbor within is explored. The
question of do I truly believe in Jesus is revealed.

This is the story of a one man's journey to find the essence of our Lord
Jesus Christ. The coming to terms of just how broken a race we are, and
the understanding that the love of Jesus is the only avenue that will lead
us to a better life. 

Infused within the storyline are poems that were inspired by the love and
beauty of Jesus. The world around us contains much that can inspire us
to look towards the one and only Savior, these poems help to enlighten
our prospective. Stop losing your way walking in darkness, stop kidding
yourself looking for man-made answers. Open your heart and let the light
of Jesus lead you down the road of salvation. Join us on a journey of
a lifetime.

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