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This page is dedicated to my fellow authors. I ask that you take a few minutes to review the wonderful work that they have brought to the marketplace.

The Purple Swan                         Publication: 2007
Author: Patricia A. Daniel

ISBN: 1-59526-676-3 
Pages: 28                  
Price:  $12.95                                              
Size:   8.5 x 8.5                                                

Available from Llumina Press, Ingram, and Baker & Taylor.
     Toll Free Orders Line: 1-866-229-9244

The Purple Swan 

From My Heart to Yours, A Message from the Author…

The Purple Swan is based on a true story and is about a little boy named Patrick who learns to see with his heart instead of his eyes.  He learns this lesson when a black swan, which he ignores at first, mysteriously turns purple in a photograph. The key messages in The Purple Swan are:  First, that God has created each of us uniquely and beautifully. Second, we all need to see with our hearts, not our eyes, in order to recognize the beauty that God has placed in all of us. And finally, that God can be found in some very unlikely places.

In The Purple Swan, Patrick is given a second chance to correct his mistake. God is the God of second chances; however, He does expect us to learn from our mistakes. In The Purple Swan, we are reminded of God's unending love and forgiveness. This story is sure to touch the heart of every reader. 

About the Author…

Patricia A. Daniel is an active member of Faith Fellowship Ministries World Outreach Center (FFMWOC) located in Sayreville, New Jersey where she and her husband John serve as Deacons. Patricia actively supports the Area Fellowship, Children’s, Women’s and Missions Ministries. In addition to church work, she has conducted several workshops for local women’s conferences on topics such as trust, surrender, obedience and commitment.  The Purple Swan is her first children’s book. She has previously published a collection of Christian poetry entitled, In Heaven I Can Fly, a Poetic Journey of Faith. Patricia resides in Franklin Park, NJ with her husband John, their three children, Jordyn, Justin and Jeremy, and their Yorkie, Lexi. 


Contact Information…


Mail:    The Purple Swan

P.O. Box 166

Franklin Park, NJ 08823

Veronica Paulina

A Story in Sonnets

ISBN 978-0-9794553-0-8
2CDs.  Approx. 90 minutes.

When Kaden Blood and his wife, Catherine, divorce, the family home turns into a battleground. Their children, Elizabeth and Nathan, become unwilling foot soldiers in their parents’ war.  Siege at Sorrel Rift is told, in part, by Kaden Blood who passionately shares his story through the pages of his new magazine, The Ex-Press.  A narrator adds detail and insight as the action and events unfold.

Siege at Sorrel Rift is published by Hague Clinton Incorporated
Contact the author at:

or visit the website


Paperback Covers is a new book that celebrates the glorious--and some not so glorious--covers on paperbacks published from the 1940s up through today. In broad terms the book is about painting, photography, typesetting, cover design, and the writing of blurbs. In more detail it is about anything and everything that goes into or onto a paperback cover.
PAPERBACK COVERS, by Michael Weinstein, 2008, ISBN 978-0-936428-19-2,
440 pages, paperback, $32.75. No additional charge for postage in the
United States; outside the U.S. postage is $15.00.

Polygonal Publishing House
Box 357                                                                           
Washington, NJ 07882
(908) 689-3894                       

"Dead Reckoning - The Plaintown Murders"

A novel by Robert Mead Bell

In the hot, muggy dog days of summer, a vigilante is on a murder spree. His victims are the dregs of humanity; drug dealers, addicts, and prostitutes, but the entire city is on edge. Corrupt town leaders fear the rampage will bring unwanted attention from outsiders; threatening lucrative dirty money operations. The killer must be stopped, but detectives have few leads, and there are many with a motive to kill. 

About the author:
Robert Mead Bell is a journalist with twenty five years experience covering street crime. Through his work with the NYPD "Crimestoppers" cold case squad, Rob created WWOR-TV's long running, award winning television segment "Casefile Unsolved," leading to the arrest of a dozen criminals wanted for murder, armed robbery and rape. Rob's access behind police lines has given him valuable insight into the minds of both detectives and the criminals they seek. This murder mystery compellingly reflects the unique inhabitants of America's morally decayed underbelly: a place where self preservation is the ultimate goal and justice is often elusive. 

The small, mountainous country of Kyrgyzstan contains a surprising
number of natural wonders, scenic beauty and cultural treasures. From
the national pearl of Lake Issyk-Kul to world class skiing at bargain
prices, horseback rides across vast empty plains, or a night in a
shepherd's yurt, travelers will find ample opportunities for
unforgettable experiences.Roaming Kyrgyzstan provides practical tips
on travel, lodging, cuisine and activities for those who want to get
an insider's view of the country. You'll find the best whitewater
rafting, where to go for succulent lamb kebabs and how to get a peek
at Kyrgyz weddings.Suitable for adventure traveler, the business
visitor and the expatriate, the book guides visitors beyond the
typical tourist destinations into the experience of Kyrgyz life and
culture.In addition to travel tips, Roaming Kyrgyzstan contains a
series of vignettes from the author's two and a half years living in
Kyrgyzstan.She tells of her colleague who was kidnapped to become a
wife, of a typical meal in a southern teahouse and of circumnavigating
Lake Issyk-Kul solo by bike. These provide an inside view into the
people, places, cultures and traditions of this magical, hospitable,
and fascinating country.

About the Author
Jessica Jacobson holds an MPA from Princeton University and works in
the international development field. Fluent in Russian, she spent 2.5
years living, working and exploring in Kyrgyzstan. She has traveled to
over 50 countries and is the author of Roaming Russia as well as many
published articles and essays.

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